Cheers Everyone!

We are Lonnie Dee and Jinna Robertson. Welcome to our about page. Now that the cumbersome introduction is out of the way, even though you don’t care, let me give you a little biographical background.

I [Lonnie] was born (although I guess that should be evident). My nativity occurred in Harbel, Liberia West Africa. My mother was pregnant up until the exact moment I was delivered so I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter. I pretty much had to do what she wanted but I did not mind for throughout her pregnancy we had been very close.

Due to my youth and inexperience at the time of my birth I was rudely excluded from the decision making process as to where I would be raised. Apparently since my parents were already in Liberia they thought; “What the Hell, we’ll raise the little blighter here.” So it came to pass.

Upon completion of the seventh grade I had almost exhausted the Ed. Programme at the Firestone Staff School in Harbel. The school curriculum comprised only the first through eighth grades… as based upon the Ohio school system in the USA. Further education could only be secured offshore.

So… for reasons still incomprehensible to me… during the eighth grade I tragically agreed to incarceration a military school in the great American midwest. Transferring from Harbel Liberia to a military academy is tantamount to being dragged screaming and naked out of a warm bed and then hurled bodily into a vat of ice water surrounded by demons flailing you with cudgels, chains and whips.

The following year my sentence was mercifully commuted and I gratefully matriculated at a school in the Swiss Alps. I was much more comfortable there. Having already established a pattern of wandering I pirouetted from school to school all the way from there through college. I went to too many schools to enumerate. Actually there are probably some of them I don’t even remember.

Nothing good came of all this education (except that I didn’t end up in Viet Nam… I was invited but previous commitments made it impossible for me to accept… sorry Lyndon).

I ended up as an artist… so what good would an education have been anyway? Art for me takes three forms; writing, music and last and most bizarre, woodworking and sculpture.

Since I lacked the appropriate education and motivation necessary to secure a productive job I have made my living… if you can ennoble it by calling it that… as a musician and entertainer. I wrote articles for magazines etc. so I could afford icing on the cake. The involvement with wood I pretty much kept to myself. I used it to keep my boats afloat and to make their interiors absurdly fancy.

To add further to my credentials as a misfit I live on a boat. Through deviousness and manipulation I have even managed to convince my wife Jinna to live on a boat. No one is, after all, free of sin. To be truthful I have lived on three boats. I think I finally have it right this time.

My current endeavour is a book wherein I impart the true chronicle of my 30 years living aboard and restoring a decrepit wooden sailboat… all the while becoming decrepit myself.

I will post excerpts from the book on a more or less regular basis on

this blog… at least if you see it you will be forewarned…

Lonnie Dee Robertson [and now Jinna]

I was born in Rochester NY.   My father owned hotel in Puerto Rico where we spent several summers.  On my 10th birthday we moved to Puerto Rico where I lived until I was 14. We then moved to Boca Raton Fl where I met Lonnie,


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